Emirates National Factory for Plastic Industries

Emirates National Factory for Plastic Industries was established in 1995 as a company working in the field of manufacturing and printing of plastic materials. Through the last fifteen years, the company have come across the diversification strategy which has led it to change into a group of companies (11 companies) which are among the most famous in this field. In 2012 it was acquired by the Saudi Printing and Packaging Company to become one of the most important companies affiliated to it.

Diversification in the field of plastic and packaging industries before expansion in the technology market has made Emirates Plastic Industries Factory Company the pioneer company in the field of solutions of plastic packaging, paper products and led it to be advanced in several sectors in the United Arab Emirates. This company provides both public and private sector in the regional and international market with its various products.

National Emirate Factories Group for Plastic Industries believe in the importance of its value which is an integral part of its matrix. Quality has become one of the most important values that the company focuses on. The company works to achieve the best quality according to the highest world standards. The company also believes in the principle of dynamics and responds in a very fast and active way to the market tendencies and variables. The company pays great attention to innovation and strives to find the best processes, procedures and solutions to develop its products.

About the Group

Saudi Printing & Packaging Company was incorporated in 1963 in the name of Al Madina Printing and Publishing Company, and then its name was changed to Saudi Printing and Packaging Company in the middle of 2006. The company owns several subordinates working in two main sectors: Printing Sector, and Packaging Sector.

The company is considered as one of the largest printing houses in the Middle East and Northern Africa as it offers a wide range of integrated printing services supported by high production powers through its multiple branches and through integration of its affiliated companies. The company has several branches under its legal umbrella such as Al Madina Al Munawara Printing and Publishing Company, Hala Printing Press Company, Taiba Printing and Publishing Company, Flexible Packaging Company in addition to Emirates National Factory for Plastic Industries.

The company depends in its works on accumulated experience of its staff and on the best and most advanced machines and the highest levels of quality control in addition to strong customer base. To assure its keenness in complying with the world standards, the company has continuously won ISO certificate (ISO9001:2000).

Group Structure