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With over 1000 customers in more than 80 countries, FutureCard has successfully established itself as an expert manufacturer of cards including both basic designs as well as advanced smartcards.

FutureCard has the technology, facilities and extensive global network of partners to cater to a wide client base across multiple sectors: Telecommunications, banking, commercial and government. The ultra-modern production plant in Sharjah, employing highly-qualified engineers and technicians, offers a one-stop–shop from card design and software development through to high-end manufacturing and after-sales support.

FutureCard complies with international standards for security and quality. It is a member of ICMA and GSMA, as well as being accredited by ISO 9001, Visa, MasterCard and SAS.

The FutureCard product range is comprised of FC-Sec –the government solution, FC-Pay – the banking solution and FC-Sim – the telecommunications solution. A variety of technologies are covered, from microprocessors to contactless chips, and all solutions can be customized to a client’s needs.