Our Commitments

As good corporate citizens, we invest in local community projects and forge links at all levels of our business. CSR campaigns range from charitable endeavours to assisting in the development of local business. Our responsibility to our surroundings doesn’t just stop with the community. We are committed to ensuring environmentally sustainable practises at all levels of our business.

Our Ethics

Our corporate culture fosters a vast amount of productivity and creativity through shared values, trust, respect and cross-functional understanding. Modern adaptive leadership styles, along with a strategic organisational structure, have culminated in an outstanding group of companies competing on the world market.


At ENPI we care about the environment and the local community. As a group of companies with largescale manufacturing plants, we understand we have a responsibility to the planet. We ensure stringent regulations are followed, not just for quality control, but also for the assurance of sustainable production techniques.

From the work environment, right through to energy efficiency and waste disposal, every aspect of the production process is monitored rigorously and must follow external and internal regulations.