Packaging has always been part of our everyday life.
Created 3,500 BC, the first form of packaging was actually twigs, leaves and animal skin used to transport food. It then evolved to clay and them colored glass jars invented by the Egyptians 1,500 BC to transport liquids.
Napoleon Bonaparte played an important role in the history of packaging: he needed long lasting food to feed his soldiers on the far away battlefields, hence the invention of the tin can!
Interesting, but not really related to packaging, right?
From there, paper bags, cartons, cardboard boxes, followed by aluminiun and finally plastic were developed to enhance safe transport and longevity of goods and food.
ENPI GROUP is proud to cover a large spectrum of packaging options, from plates and cups, to preforms and closures, flexible packaging and labels or even food packaging and hygiene solutions. We have it all, a one stop shop for all your packaging needs!
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