Reducing Carbon Footprint:
We implemented energy saving activities and continue to do so. Like shifting to LED lighting or reducing our paper board #packaging consumption while maximizing its volume to increase our dispatched capacity in each product transport, and other activities as planning to install solar panels that are under process.

Product Recyclability:
We keep our products 100% PET plastic #recyclable with highest recycling value. We tied up with a company where our high grade PET scrap is recycled 100%.

Together with clients we developed and produced the first transparent #biodegradable PLA water bottle in the Middle East made from 100% plant-based polymers.

Usage of Raw Materials:
We’re convincing our clients to use at least 25% rPET material along with prime resin. We are also in discussions with a local recycling company to provide FDA approved rPET for use in food grade applications.

Process Efficiency:
We use and acquire machineries from world-class suppliers that offer the most efficient technologies while reducing our waste output.

Sustainable practices ENPI