As demand has grown for gloves, masks, gowns as well as disposable bags and containers, one thing is clear: ???????? ??? ?????????????, ?????????? ?????? ? ???????? ???? ??? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?????.
Now more than ever, packaging is needed and essential to keep us and our food ????.
For hygienic reasons, many restaurants are now using disposable plates, cups, cutleries and containers to serve their food, even for customers who are dining in. Coffee shops have banned the use of reusable coffee mugs. Some countries that previously had banned single use plastic bags and items have now lifted the ban.

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Not at all!
The solution is to find intelligent options: At ???? ?????, we always try our best to ??????? ??? ???????? ????????? to our customers, whenever that option is possible, and that’s why we provide a wide range of ????????????? ???????? to replace the plastic ones: wood, bamboo, sugar cane, paper as well as corn.

PLASTIC & Packaging-19