ENPI is closely monitoring recent developments concerning the coronavirus pandemic, and is taking all necessary measures to ensure the wellbeing of employees and to prevent any potential business impact.

Everyday, ENPI updates its employees on further measures to stem the spread of the coronavirus and ensure business continuity.

ENPI Management has taken several proactive measures across all the sites to prevent employees from being infected. The key measures include, but not limited to:

a) Temperature measures for all staff twice a day and anyone with flu symptoms are given immediate medical attention.
b) Disinfection of accommodations, work area and company vehicles are done periodically by approved external company and by internal team on
regular basis.
c) Entry of visitors is restricted wherever possible, sub-contracting staff minimized and their living conditions are closely monitored (accommodation, temperature, etc.).
d) Isolation rooms are kept ready to support the sick people in case needed.
e) Adequate hand sanitizer, soap and PPE are provided to all staff like face masks, gloves and face shields.
f) Awareness / reminder posters on COVID-19 are updated at prominent locations.

Top management is in constant contact with all heads of Business Units.
Regular site and accommodations visits are taken every week, as well as discussions about employees’ needs to get through these unusual times.

We reassure our people that the company is well, and the future with ENPI is promising.
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!